DHEC held a public meeting on August 18, 2016, regarding possible revisions to the SC Solid Waste Policy and Management Act (Act). Items discussed at the meeting included the following:

Formation of a stakeholders group to explore changes to the Act. Since the meeting, a group of 19 members from a cross-section of the waste business (regulatory, environmental advocates, industry) was selected to meet regularly for approximately 2 months.

DHEC’s goal is to gain industry consensus and bring the changes before the state legislature during their next session.

DHEC is concerned with less-than-responsible recyclers stockpiling excessive amounts of material on their properties, creating what could be interpreted as illegal dumps or unpermitted landfills. Updating the Act/regulations may be needed to give DHEC more authority over these facilities.

Other issues DHEC expects the stakeholder group to consider include:

  • Updating the Act so the landfill classifications match the current regulations (e.g. MSW vs. Class 3).
  • Procedures for revising Solid Waste Management Plans and the official state recycling goal.
  • Setting up an emergency solid waste fund for situations where financial assurance isn’t available or is insufficient.
  • Requiring financial assurance for ALL solid waste facilities including transfer stations and recycling facilities.
  • Changes to the Research, Development, and Demonstration permit process.
  • Changes to the Demonstration of Need (DON) regulation that may include clarification that non-disposal facilities are not required to go through the DON process.
  • Clarification of DHEC’s role in determining consistency with Solid Waste Management Plans and how consistency should be defined.
  • Clarification of DHEC’s role in determining consistency with local zoning ordinances.

Contact Jana White at DHEC if you want to be added to an email list of parties interested in the work of the stakeholders group whitejm@dhec.sc.gov or 803-898-1346.

If you require additional information, please contact Joanne Linder at (843) 207-1373 or via email at jlinder@joyceengineering.com.